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Updating i7 Firmware

*Warning: Updating a false firmware/updating the firmware in a false way may results in permanent damage to your product which is not covered under neutab. 1 year warranty or insurance except in case suggested by neutab technician/customer service representative. Please be cautious and double check your product model before moving on. 

Tool & Firmware:

Model Updating Tool  Firmware
             Version IMEI code

 i7 Firmware.rar

compatible with all

(You need a Windows OS computer and your tablet to do the job)



1.       Download and unzip the Updating Tool “”  
2.       Open “RK-Driver” file, and then click “Driverinstall”--Install Driver---OK

3. Download and unzip the Firmware “ i7 Firmware.rar” to be prepared for the upgrade
4. Open “FactoryTool_v1.45”file ---click “Factorytool”

5. Click Firmware to choose related file 

6. Choose bellow file and open

7. Click Restore first, then click Run, attention please, in this step, no need to connect your tablet to the computer.

8. Upgrade method:
Power off the tablet(the tablet must be fully charged ), long press Voluem + or - button, at the same time connect tablet to computer, release the volume button untill bellow Interface appeared

If failed, the left column will be in red “Test Device Fail”
Please re-upgrade: plug out the device and then long press return button, at the same time plug tablet in, release the volume button untill bellow Interface appeared

Reason for failure:
a. Make sure if you choosed correct Updating Tool and firmware
b. Make sure the tablet is fully charged.
c. Make sure the tablet is power off
d. Make sure the usb cable is functional.

9. After finishing upgrade, green to show success and the tablet will be power on automatically