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Updating N7sPro Kids 1280x800 Firmware

*Warning: Updating a false firmware/updating the firmware in a false way may results in permanent damage to your product which is not covered under neutab. 1 year warranty or insurance except in case suggested by neutab technician/customer service representative. Please be cautious and double check your product model before moving on. 

Tool & Firmware:

*Please double check your product model and download updating tool & firmware in the form below

Model Updating Tool Firmware
N7sPro Phoenix N7sProKids1280firmware.rar

(You need a Windows OS computer and your tablet to do the job)



• Unzip phoenix you just downloaded; (to open a .zip file, download WinRAR)

• In the folder of phoenix tool you just unzipped, depending on your system specs, select "drvinstaller_X64", "drvinstaller_x86" or "drvinstaller_IA64" to install tablet driver; Or you can run all three driver installer and at least one will work;  

• Run "PhoenixSuit.exe", select "firmware" tab;


• Click on "Image" button, choose the firmware you just downloaded;


• Turn your tablet completely off (by press and hold power button for 20 seconds), press and hold "volume -" button, connect tablet to computer via usb cable, keep volume button held, press power button 10 times repeatedly;

• The phoenix tool should recognize the tablet. On pop-up dialog window, select if you want to format and wipe out everything on your tablet;


• The phoenix tool will start flash the firmware to the tablet. Wait till it is done;


• When upgrade is finished, disconnect your tablet from computer, press and hold power button for 10 seconds to quit upgrade mode. then press and hold power button for 2-4 seconds to turn tablet on;


Congratulations! Your tablet is now refreshed.