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Updating G7 Firmware

*Warning: Updating a false firmware/updating the firmware in a false way may results in permanent damage to your product which is not covered under neutab. 1 year warranty or insurance except in case suggested by neutab technician/customer service representative. Please be cautious and double check your product model before moving on. 

Tool & Firmware:

Check the SN Number that would be located at the back of the tablet, chose the correct firmware for your tablet. 


Model Updating Tool
SN Number
G7 Flash Tool.rar






(You need a Windows OS computer and your tablet to do the job)




1.     Download and unzip the Updating Tool “” and the Firmware “G7 Firmware.rar” to be prepared for the upgrade.

2.       Open “sp_Flash_Too” file, and then click “__flash_tool”

3.       After clicked “flash_tool”, the screen will show:

4.       Click “OK”, and the screen will show:


5.       Click “Scatter-lading”, and then choose “MT6735M_Android_scatter” from downloaded firmware file. (Make sure the file name starts with “MT” )

6.       After clicked “open”, choose “Firmware upgrade”. (Please choose Format All + Download if your device SN is between G73201608000001 to G73201609002000).

Note: Before starting “download”, please turn the fully charged tablet completely off.

7.       Connect the tablet to the computer via USB cable. And then click “Download”

8.    In the process of downloading, there is a red row showing at the bottom of the screen:


9.       The download process will take around 2 minutes to finish. Moreover, the red row will turn to yellow color too.

10.   When the screen shows “Download Flash 100%”, a pop-up window will display.

11.   After download process successfully completed, the tablet is finished resetting.