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Updating N10 Plus 5.1 Firmware

*Warning: Updating a false firmware/updating the firmware in a false way may results in permanent damage to your product which is not covered under neutab. 1 year warranty or insurance except in case suggested by neutab technician/customer service representative. Please be cautious and double check your product model before moving on. 

Tool & Firmware:

*Please double check your product model and download updating tool & firmware in the form below

Model Updating Tool Firmware
N10 Plus Phoenix N10 Plus 5.1 firmware.iso

(You need a Windows OS computer and your tablet to do the job)



PhoenixSuit Upgrade Guide

 This manual describes how to update the operating system for the ALLWINNER CPU Tablet PC.
This is a fool's guidance, the core content is very simple and you can jump pages to read.
This manual has three parts, Software and driver installation, Device connection, System updates.

Part 1. Software installation
1. Extract files

2. Run PhoenixSuit setup

3. Drivers Install

4. Installation complete

Part 2. Device connection
1. Turn off the table PC.
2. Press the ‘Return’ key,and hold the key.
3. Connection the PC with USB cable.
4. Driver device
5. View the device state.
Right click the ‘Computer’ and select ‘Manage’, wait a loading the ‘Computer Management’ after click the ‘Device Manager’. Successful connection the tablet PC when you see the ‘USB Device(VID_1f3a_PID_efe8)’ 


Part 3. System updates
1. Click and run the ‘PhoenixSuit’. Click the ‘Firmware’.

2. Loading the ‘Firmware’

3. Open the IMG file.

4. Reference the ‘Part 2. Device connection’ connection the tablet PC.
5. Select Yes.

6. The update process.

7. Wait a moment ,upgrade complete.